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In 2020 Kingertools still accompany with you

In 2020 years, we think this year is not easy due to there are many evens happen in the beginning of 2020,

Fires in Australia,

CONVID-19 vrius in all over the world.

We believe that as long as we work together to do all the protection and other measures, the bad things will certainly pass, welcome us will be better things.

However, Kinger Diamond Tools Factory Limited is always accompany with you forever, whatever you are our business partners or stranger, we should believe tomorrow is another day, and the days will be let us better than better, best and best.


Contact: Ms.Chow

Phone: +86(0)13822333514,+86(0)18202083517

Tel: +86-020-86017877

Email: info@kingertools.com

Add: 3 floor 307 at Guang Hua Road Pingsha International Plaza,Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, Guangdong China

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