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  • KR-08 Resin 3grit shape edge wheel
KR-08 Resin 3grit shape edge wheel

KR-08 Resin 3grit shape edge wheel

  • Type: KR-08
  • Material: diamond and resin
  • Package: 24pcs/carton
  • R/min: 2800
  • Product description: Kinger Diamond Tools Factory Limited offers glass grinding wheel, BD Polishing wheel, resin wheel, rubber wheel,RA wheel,Edging polishing wheel, alloy resin wheel,engraving polishing wheel,diamond whe

suitable for shape bevelling edge machine

[size (diameter x thickness xhole) /mm] φ150x40x12 φ150x40x22

[working layer size (mm)]  16*10
[product granularity] coarse, medium, fine
[product material] diamond & Resin
The scope of application of glass furniture
[packing standard (pc / carton)] 24pcs/carton
[speed (r/min)] 2800r/min

Diamond and resin bonded heat warm compaction, three colors representing different particle size, from the inside to the outside are respectively 320#, 180#, 80#, 2# are usually used for special-shaped beveling machine, this product grinding effect is very good, common specifications of 150MM diameter, aperture 12/22MM layer 16*10MM. respectively with aluminum and bakelite bottom ,there are 3 holes on the aluminum plate, 6 hole on bakelite plate to observe the effect of machining. Instead of special-shaped bevelling resin wheel.

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